authentic accommodation in gallipoli



Authentic accommodation in a tranquil setting, a stone's throw away from the Gallipoli Battlefields
SPRING and AUTUMN (March-May and September-October): The chances for a "rainy day" are higher in spring than in autumn but that also means that the peninsula at this time of the year is greener than ever and hillsides are covered with small multi-coloured wild flowers. On the other hand, autumn offers -for those on a more in-depth visit- easier access to frontline locations and places of interest (especially in Helles and Suvla) as all crops have been harvested.

a word of advice for those visiting in Spring: If you want a solemn experience: DO AVOID WEEKENDS. If you are staying longer and a weekend is included, keep this for the more off-the-beaten track visits, away from the main monuments in Helles and Anzac

SUMMER (June-August): During summer the temperatures can be very high. This is not so much a problem if you are on a brief visit (1 to 3 days) as you will be spending a fair amount of your time in your air-conditioned vehicle moving around. On the other hand, those on a prolonged visit to explore the old battlefields should think twice: a lengthy stay on the slopes of the parched hillsides under the blazing sun in summer may drain one's energy faster than expected. The exciting part of summer though is that you can have a dive in the more than refreshing waters of the peninsula's coast. It boasts one of the last remaining stretches of virgin shore in Turkey with a number of superb beaches. Well worth staying an extra day and what is even more exciting ... they don't get crowded.

WINTER (November-February): It does get colder but especially wetter as most of the rain falls in December, January and February and once in a while (just like in 1915) we do get some extreme cold weather with freezing temperatures.

As most of our guests are battlefields walkers this season is rather unattractive to them therefore the hotel is closed from 15th November till 15th March.
poppies and daisies
gallipoli camapign enthousisasts walking on kirectepe
pristine beaches in the gallipoli national park
the nek cemetery under the snow-gallipoli
birds in spring-gallipoli peninsula
a gallipoli cemetery in summer
beating the bush-gallipoli peninsula
turkish monument in gallipoli