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Although the main interest for visitors are the 1915 battlefields, it should be mentioned that there are a few points of interest which may enhance your visit to the battlefields or even make you stay a day or two longer.

For nature lovers the Gallipoli National Park offers a great "Aegean" feel, similar to the south of France yet untouched by the 21st century. Once away from the frequently-visited memorials and cemeteries, one comes across shepherds herding their flock, farmers working the land and sleepy villages where the only sign of life comes from the village cafe. Wildflowers bloom in spring and give the peninsula a colourful carpet. In summer, this carpet turns yellow with the thousands of sunflowers that are grown by the farmers. And although there are no sign-posted walking trails there is plenty of opportunity for hiking in unspoilt countryside.

Birdwatchers will not regret they brought their binoculars : a multitude of resident birds can be observed and both in Spring and Autumn there is extra activity near the Suvla salt lake where migratory birds take a short break on their way North - in spring- or South - in autumn-.

Only a few miles away, across the Dardanelles are the famous historical sites of Troy and Alexandria Troas which can easily be visited in a day trip. History buffs will know that the Thracian Chersonese, as the peninsula was known in ancient time, was inhabited by the Greeks from a very early period in their history and several settlements were established on the peninsula (Sestos, Elaious, Alopekonnesos, Madytos, Koila, just to name a few) Although little remains it is very thrilling to walk over and in these unexcavated sites.

The nearby Island of Gokceada, Imbros in Greek, can be visited by ferry as a daytrip from the Gallipoli Peninsula. As the westernmost point of Turkey, and one of the only two Turkish islands on the Aegean, the heavy and long presence of the military on Gokceada had retarded tourism over the years. This is more of a blessing than a curse as it gives the place an extra charm and an impression of suspended time, which in the villages still ticks at its same old peaceful pace. The villages, some thriving, some abandoned, are a hodgepodge of Greek and Turkish with idyllic squares, old stone houses, churches and mosques and richly-scented fig trees.

And last but not least, if you are looking for a few days relaxation away from the crowds, the Gallipoli peninsula is home to some of Turkey's last remaining pristine beaches which don't get crowded, even in summer.

Authentic accommodation in a tranquil setting, a stone's throw away from the Gallipoli Battlefields
... we were sat there on "A" beach one day when one of our party said "You know this is every bit as good as any Carribean beach I have ever sat on - the only difference is that we've got it to ourselves"...

Martin Wills - United Kingdom

... The national park is such a pretty peaceful spot -far too nice to have fought a war in, but a fitting and peaceful memorial to all of those resting in it...

Jo and Ian Wise - Australia - March 2009

... Edmund is going to draw together a list of all the birds and other wildlife he saw that would be of interest to ever growing number of birdwatchers in UK (and some images if they would be of interest to you) which he or I will send to you. They might be useful if you wanted to add a wildlife page to your website perhaps. ... For me, the wildlife I saw in the National Park was an unexpected bonus and I am sure you could attract more guests from this interest group. ...

John Shephard - United Kingdom - April 2009
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