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... Thank you so much for the fantastic time we had in Gallipoli and especially for the wonderful hospitality of The Gallipoli Houses. Ozlem's food was wonderful and your company over the week was one of the best times. ...

Michael Lee - Ireland - March 2010

... Ozlem's food was a delight, with ample portions and a terrific variety throughout the week. It was also well complimented by Eric's thoughtful choices and recommendations from the cellar. Thanks to you Eric, for your personal attention and for the time off which you devoted to us to ensuring we did not miss any important feature of the 1915 campaign. And thanks to you Ozlem for all the extra details which you took care of for us; the bookings in Turkish for the coach, ferry, etc. The wonderful memories of this vacation will stay with me for a very long time to come and your part in it has been incalculable. You guys have spoilt me for the future ...

Michael Robson - Israel - March 2010

... I just wanted to say thank you. It was one of the strangest holidays I have ever been on and one of the best. What you have done and are doing is a wonderful thing. You have a wonderful philosophy. I hope you are never forced to change it. I am still dreaming about the place. And I know I will have flash-backs all my life. The food was wonderful and please thank your wife for looking after me on the phone and re booking my flight. I have now joined the Royal Dublin Fusiliers 95 years later. Maybe we'll see you at Christmas. It was lovely to meet you. Thanks for looking after us so well...

David Neenan - Ireland - March 2010

... We would just like to thank you for the wonderful time which we spent at The Gallipoli Houses. It was really nice to meet you all and to spend time in such a relaxed, homely environment.

Jacqui Fourie - South Africa - March 2010

... Firstly, thank you so much for having us to stay at your home. We really enjoyed the overall experience, especially visiting the battle sites and learning more about what actually happened there. We especially appreciated staying at your wonderful hotel. The peace and tranquility, the general ambiance, the views from our balcony we will never forget. Food and wine were also first class. So thank you for having us to stay we will recommend your hotel to our friends.

Pete Mahon - Australia- May 2010

... Well firstly may I thank you for the excellent stay, we both thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent in your company ... Margaret my wife ... was very impressed by the high standard of accommodation, the food, she said was absolutely first class, and together with the hospitality the stay had been superb. She asked me when I wrote to you, to convey her most sincere thanks to both Ozlem and yourself for making our visit so very memorable and for all the small attention to detail that came as part of our stay, she loved the packing up bags each morning and thought that was quite a unique and special touch, and certainly made our days out trouble free ... Please thank our waiter and ask him to forgive us not being able to say goodbye, we really appreciated his attentiveness to our needs every day when at the table, of course we also appreciated the work of the lady who kept our room so clean for us, and of course Ozlem for her superb culinary dishes, as a lover of all food, it was something to look forward to each day, and discovering new tastes and delights was as much a part of the experience for me as the days out, take care both of you and until the next time we all meet up again, my most sincere regards and thanks for an absolutely first class and memorable stay in Kocadere. ...

Michael and Margaret Doyle - United Kingdom - April 2010

... Gallipoli turned out to be a voyage of discovery from beginning to end. But the most glorious find was undoubtedly your place. Julie would have stayed forever if I had not dragged her away to Canakkale in search of a bar showing the Charlton-Swindon match - an expedition (like Charlton) sadly doomed to failure. So Julie didn't get Ozlem's magnificent mezes, and I didn't get my football ... Anyway, we had a superb holiday, thanks in no small part to everyone at the Gallipoli Houses, including our fellow guests. Funny how complete strangers can sit up chatting half the night like long-lost friends. I put it down to the great hosts and convivial surroundings.

Julie & Michael Walsh - United Kingdom - May 2010

... I want to thank you both for providing such a wonderful time at Gallipoli Houses. . I can not thank you enough for your exceptionally kind hospitality. It felt like staying at the home of friends. The location is of course stunning, but you have created a little paradise in Kocadere. The food was excellent, and the wine was too. Victualling par excellence. ... The trip far exceeded my expectations on many dimensions. ... Thank you again. I remain in your debt. As they once said on the heights of Gallipoli.... Gurkhali Ayo! (The Gurkhas have come!)

Martin Gillott - United Kingdom - June 2010

... I must say our second visit was just as enjoyable as the first three years ago ... Once again you & Ozlem excelled in looking after us with the help of Hallil who was top class also ...

Phil Sullivan - Australia - June 2010

... My son Jesse and I would like to thank you both for the superb hospitality you showed us when we stayed in early July. Visiting Gallipoli is an experience of deep emotion. This was emphasised for us within minutes of arriving and quite by chance when Jess found a photo of my grandfather in one of your books. There could have been no better way of absorbing the local atmosphere than staying in your peaceful village and being looked after so well. We were truly blessed to find such a place, and look forward to returning. In particular, we were deeply grateful for your generosity, Eric, in taking us, unscheduled, to the locations that hold particular significance for our family. Thank you both.

Chris Whyte - Australia - July 2010

... Just to say many thanks for your hospitality on the two occasions we stayed with you recently. You have made a really beautiful place and we are thinking of it as we swelter here in the heat and humidity of Istanbul. ...

Julian and Gulay Coulter - Turkey/United Kingdom - August 2010

... I had, thanks to you, a truly wonderful trip! I cannot thank you enough. I loved it all - the excellent accommodation, the superb meals, the wonderful pets and the quite hypnotic beauty of the Gallipoli Peninsular. Plus I met two quite exceptional people, namely yourselves! Ozlem with her wonderful sense of humour and infectious laugh, her natural warmth and empathy and Eric who was an excellent host and a fine historian ... Thank you very much. I am aiming to come back next year but, in the meantime, will advertise Gallipoli Houses to like-minded people. ...

Rebecca Parker - United Kingdom - August 2010

... Thank you so much for your hospitality during our stay, we had an absolutely amazing time and the experiences will remain long after the tans have faded. ...

Steve & Margaret Moore - United Kingdom - September 2010

... As usual we were delighted with, not just the service, but the friendly manner you, and the staff, displayed. I truly appreciated the effort you put into making our stay more enjoyable. Without your help I would never have considered doing the walk route I went on on Rhododendron Ridge. So thanks once again. ...

Garth & Margaret McGowen - United Kingdom - September 2010


Authentic accommodation in a tranquil setting, a stone's throw away from the Gallipoli Battlefields
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