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... Thank you for the bus arrangements for our trip to Istanbul which was as pleasant as such a trip could be; the traffic in Istanbul was horrendous. We shall never forget our five days with you and the team and Alcitepe will always remain a very special name for us ...

Ian and Mary Carter - April 2012 - Australia

... I just wanted to write and thank you for being such brilliant hosts during my stay at Gallipoli Houses. It is always a joy to stay there and once again it was the perfect place. Great food, great wine...yes really great wine..... and you must tell me what it was so I can try and support the Turkish economy by buying some of the wine in England ... Thank you again. It felt like being at home ...

Martin Gillott Capt (Retd) The Queen's Gurkha Engineers - April 2012 - United Kingdom

... We both want to thank you hugely for all your help on our recent trip, we really couldn't have arranged everything without your assistance. We will always remember our trip to The Gallipoli Houses and the Gallipoli Peninsula - it was one of our most memorable and enjoyable trips because it ticked all the boxes for both of us - Pat got to visit all the sites he always wanted to and I thoroughly enjoyed the location, the country life and of course the weather - I might even be converted to an interest in WW1!!! ... Many thanks again ...

Elizabeth and Pat O' Daly - May 2012 - Ireland

... Nogmaals hartelijk dank aan Ozlem voor de fantastische maaltijden (Joselyne is ongeveer 3 kg bijgekomen) alsook voor de hartelijke ontvangst. Een welgemeende 'thumbs-up' voor alle personeelsleden ... De warme huiselijke en familiale sfeer zullen ons nog lang bijblijven. Dank U Ozlem en Eric.

Jos & Lyne Lagae - May 2012 - Belgium

... I wanted to send you a personal message of thanks for your tremendous hospitality. I have travelled a fair bit and I have to say that your home was the most inviting and comfortable that I have ever had the pleasure to stay in. The service and food was great and you and your staff were absolutely the best. My only regret is that I cannot get Efes here! Who knew I would be a fan of Turkish Beer! I have not stopped raving about Gallipoli Houses since we returned and be assured that I will be praising you every chance I get ...

Frank Gogos - May 2012 - Canada/Newfoundland

I have no doubt that you receive infinite plaudits for your wonderful oasis. We had a splendid time and, honestly, cannot imagine how you could improve what you offer. People, ambience, local knowledge, comfort, simplicity, food etc etc: all magnificent.

Richard Moore - May 2012 - United Kingdom

We would like to thank you both for your hospitality and advice while we were guests at Gallipoli Houses. It was an amazing time for us, not just due to the location but the warmth we felt when we returned to your hotel. We wish you continued success with your venture and it will remain at the top of our list of our travel memories.

Rick and Bev Steward - May 2012 - Australia

Arrived home safely to a cold, grey Blighty, last night we actually put the heating on!! Just to thank you and Ozlem again for your wonderful hospitality and friendship. It was, as always, a great week and we were sad to leave, but look forward to our next visit.

Bob Pike - June 2012 - United Kingdom

I write to thank you again for the first-class hospitality last month. Bronwen, David, Jonathan and I thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Gallipoli Houses was just perfect for our requirements, and it was easily the highlight of our visit to Turkey. We so appreciated your knowledge and the time you spent to explain things to us about 1915.

Peter Biles - June 2012 - United Kingdom

Your kindness and hospitality is truly appreciated. Our stay in your country has been wonderful because of people like you.

Kathryn Connolly - June 2012 - USA

I'm slowly settling back in to real life after yet another fabulous journey - which all began in my favourite place. It was like coming home, after being away for 5 years - to once again stay with you at the Gallipoli Houses. Great to see that the only things changed, were the growth of your wonderful garden & other quaint little finishing touches. The food, the hospitality, the comfort & overall ambience were all as I remembered from 2007. Thank you.

Heather Ford - July 2012 - Australia

Thank you immensely for your hospitality and support of the members on the FFFAIF Tour in July. I have spoken with the majority of the people who joined us at Gallipoli Houses and they all raved over it. They raved over the meals, the setting and of course the hosts! ... Thanks again Eric!! You made the Gallipoli visit for us and thank you to your lovely 'better half' for all her work too.

Matt Smith - July 2012 - Australia

We really enjoyed our stay at Gallipoli Houses and thank you so much for all the great info on the area and the walks you gave us. It made our trip to Gallipoli so much more memorable.

Natalie and Mark Parsons - October 2012 - Australia

Thanks for a great stay at the Gallipoli Houses. We are all full of rich impressions and memories. It was a great help, being able to draw from your knowledge.

David Vaughan - October 2012 - United Kingdom

Frank and I want to thank you for such a wonderful stay with you and your wife. And for all your guidance as to what to see, what to read, maps etc. ... Gallipoli is a very special place and one I will never forget. I cherish the time we had there and our wonderful time at Gallipoli Houses. And those gorgeous evening meals!!

Yvonne and Frank Blackburn - October 2012 - USA


Authentic accommodation in a tranquil setting, a stone's throw away from the Gallipoli Battlefields
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