authentic accommodation in gallipoli



Authentic accommodation in a tranquil setting, a stone's throw away from the Gallipoli Battlefields
Spring and autumn are by far the best time to visit; nights are cool, daytime temperatures are moderate but it also means it can get busy, especially during weekends. Read more at "when to visit".

Many people are convinced that getting to the Gallipoli Peninsula is a major adventure and requires preparation similar to a Mt Everest Expedition. Nothing is less true and the peninsula can be reached in a comfortable and safe way by individual travellers. Read more at "getting there".

The Gallipoli National Park is the final resting place of thousands of soldiers who gave their life during the Gallipoli Campaign. Though straddled with this grim military history, the Gallipoli National Park today is a peaceful place of great beauty, charm and serenity; a striking contrast with the bitter fighting that took place here in 1915. Read more at "the gallipoli battlefields" and "the anzac sector".

It speaks for itself that the main attraction of the Gallipoli National Park is the battlefields. There are however some enchanting places in and beyond the Park which are well worth a visit. Read more at "beyond the battlefields".
touring the gallipoli national park
the gallipoli peninsula : covered in sunflowers in summer
colourfull birds in the gallipoli national park
some of turkey's last remaining pristine beaches can be found in the gallipoli national park
the ancient site of troy is only kilometers away from gallipoli
shrapnel valley cemetery-gallipoli
walking the NZ trail
sunset over the gallipoli peninsula